Definition of GROK:     /grok/   /grohk/

From the novel Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein, where it is a Martian word meaning literally `to drink' and metaphorically `to be one with'.

1. "To understand intuitively or by empathy; to establish rapport with." 

2. To understand, usually in a global sense.

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General Information

Adobe is a software with numerous programs designed to help the user create, edit, and view different types of files such as images, videos, and PDF's. These programs include Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more.

  • Adobe Products can be purchased for home use with an Educational Discount as detailed below.
  • Adobe Products are also available FREE to LSU Students, Faculty & Staff:

  LSUMail supports a wide variety of e-mail programs that run on all types of platforms and operating systems.  Below are some of the ways that you can connect to LSUMail:

Internet Browser

Point your browser to LSUMail (  This is the simplest way to get to LSUMail since there is no configuration necessary. 

Your browser will access LSUMail using the web interface called OWA (short for Outlook Web App).
Unsupported browsers will bring up OWA Light.  This "light' version of OWA is fully functional as an e-mail program except that it does not have all the bells and whistles of the full featured OWA.
Note: In  some cases, you might need to disable your browser's Pop-Up Blocker for * and *

Supported browsers:

Internet Explorer 7 and later
Firefox 3.0.1 and later
Chrome and later
Safari 3.1 and later
Other browsers will work but might not support the full features of LSUMail

ITS Web Browser Recommendation

POP or IMAP e-mail program that supports SSL and TLS


Mac Mail

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2007 (PC) with Service Pack 2

Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 (PC)

Outlook 2011 (Mac) with Service Pack 1

Mobile Devices (ex. phones, iPads, tablets)

1. Smart Phones with a mail app that supports the ActiveSync method.

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Issue Information

Office 2013 Update KB2817630 has caused the folder pane in Outlook 2013 to become blank.  We have set this update to uninstall through WSUS.  After any machine with the bad update "runs Windows Update" against the LSU WSUS server, it should uninstall the update.  A reboot is required to complete the uninstall.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a new update without this bug.

Please Remember

You can always use OWA - Outlook Web Access as a temporary workaround, if uninstalling the update does not resolve the issue.

Possible S

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Do you Want a Faster and More Reliable LSU Wi-Fi Experience?

It’s Easy if You Geaux Dual Band…

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LSU Forwarding E-mail Accounts

There will be some changes made during the Fall 2013 Semester to the LSU Forwarding E-mail Accounts.  

These changes will affect  (1) Applicants to LSU,  (2) LSU Students who have NOT set up a TigerMail Account  (Those who opted to have their LSU e-mail Forwarded to another e-mail address), &  (3) LSU Faculty & Staff who have NOT set up an LSUMail Account.  (Opted to have their LSU e-mail forwarded to another e-mail address.) 

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ITS Web Browser Recommendation

In today’s highly heterogeneous computing environment, it is important to maintain a level playing field across multiple architectures and operating systems for the best end-user experience. With this in mind, LSU Information Technology Services recommends the following list of browsers for the most robust and enjoyable browser experience.

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To access Emergency Text Message through the myLSU Portal. 

(**Note: you will be automatically removed from this list 6-months after separation from the University.**)

1. Log into the myLSU Portal.  (

2. Select Campus Community | Emergency Text Message.

3. Click Edit in the section you would like to make changes.

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LSU's on-campus printing services include wireless printing from your laptop, printing from desktops in the computer labs and large formatting printing.

Wirelessly Print to the Public Access Lab Printer -- 

Install Printer

Installing Printer Package (Windows)

Installing Printer Package (Mac)

Printing in Public Access Labs

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General Information

The myProxy Portal was designed to give secure access of the myLSU Portal to the parents or sponsors of LSU Students.   Through this system, PAWS ID holders can grant access or a Parent can Request Access to pay a Fee Bill through the myLSU Portal.  Any Faculty, Staff or Student can grant access to another to act on their behalf.  All that is needed is a PAWS ID or communityLSU Account.  


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